High-quality design and problem-solving skills tailored to each specific company

Co-innovation Workshop

- Do you want to fix your (digital) product or service and provide real user value?

- Do you want to design new features in a sound way based on valid assumptions?

- Do you want to provide new knowledge and skills to your team?

Why should we ignore the fact that most products and services today are either based on unvalidated assumptions or do not consider the user as centre of the design? Let's fix this together and boost your team's game at the same time! We will use both innovative design methods (C-K Theory) and the most appropriate design practices for your product or service.

At this workshop, business playgrounds solves your business/design issues while training your team. We prepare and structure our interventions and content for you to learn and acquire new skills on design methodologies while reaching your product or service objectives. And we aim at solutions and implementations with which you are comfortable with, that motivate you, with which both you and your users can benefit from.

- we will study collaboratively and systematically your specific case.
- we will analyse collaboratively all the actors and elements of your market ecosystem.
- we will set collaboratively priorities and quantifiable goals and time frame for our project.
- we will collaboratively take a careful look at your business strategy and at your different user types.
- we will collaboratively construct the proper methodology to reach the goal of this intervention.
- we will find collaboratively different solutions matching your business goals.
we will collaboratively work on the implementation of the solutions, its measurement and documentation (methodological practice with KPI-focus).

Interested in improving your (digital) products or services while acquiring new knowledge and skills? Get in contact to discuss our collaboration.

bussiness playgrounds


Let´s have a conversation to:

make your design efforts and business strategies match;

optimize your product or service;

explore how to provide value to your users; and

discuss the acquisition of skills, knowledge and innovation methods for your team.