Gamification-based product design and service design


- Do you want to fix your product or service and make sure it makes sense for your users and within your market?
- Do you want to conciliate your design implementations and your business strategies?
- Dou you want to increase user interactions with your product or service through (gamified) meaningful features and provide user value?

business playgrounds provides answers to your biggest challenges through consultancy or expert advice framed at business strategy level, oriented towards KPIs (for quantification, measuring and controlling) and based on the most relevant academic and industry knowledge. We deliver the most adequate insights for your needs through a mix of strategic planning, strategy design, product design, service design, UX design, and of course, gamification.

But beware of today's marketing traps. Gamification is neither points nor rewards. Users lose interest in pointification very quickly. And gamification cannot be forced or imposed; users reject such implementations. Besides, people don´t want to play or interact with game elements in contexts where they have to be serious or have to work. They do it only according to their own free will and under the conditions they desire. Therefore, gamification should always be defined and implemented around the user. The user comes first, then the gamification.

business playgrounds delivers the insights on gamification-related product design and service design that make sense within the context of your product and service, and that can really interest and benefit your user.

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