The most sophisticated and valuable skills for the conceptualization and validation of products and services

C-K Theory

C-K Theory can be extraordinarily useful for product design, service design, the development communication programs, concept validation and much more. This method is not only helpful to create, structure or develop concepts; it is also excellent to analyse complex situations, to learn to communicate with colleagues and to argue and defend own ideas and decisions on a sound basis. It involves such benefits and skills as: creative reasoning, innovation, design tracing, collaborative design, generative processes, validation of assumptions, deep situational analyses and knowledge expansion.

Through C-K Theory, you can:

- identify and sophistically integrate features or elements from existing solutions to your current product or service and make them more attractive or innovative;

- test your assumptions and analyse what works and what does not work within your market and what represents a good fit according to user characteristics;

- identify and work with user characteristics and based on them propose the most adequate measures and solutions;

- analyse your current market context, deconstruct it, re-organize its elements, find the best ways to go and back up your decisions with valid arguments;

- pinpoint specifications and details other people don´t see and become skilful conveying this knowledge to your colleagues;

- explore a new potential idea even with unclear objectives and move from there in a structured way towards a solution; visualize your processes and validation procedures, and make sure that you methodically consider all your requirements.

C-K Theory was presented to the academic community by Armand Hatchuel and Benoit Weil in 2003 and ever since has reached great momentum in the fields of design, engineering, business administration and social sciences. It is taught and applied as research method for the development of innovations with business implementations at MINES Paris Tech, PSL Research University in Paris, le CNAM in Paris, Stanford University, HEC Montreal and Tel Aviv University. It has been used for different projects at Renault, Thales Group, Dassault Systèmes, Vallourec and RATP and has also become popular within the international association of professionals and academics “The Design Society”.

Our C-K Theory Workshop has an entirely original structure and practice-based focus; the intention is to make the methodology accessible to everyone, but especially to professionals who do not consider themselves as designers.

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