Sound and reliable top-quality UX research for feature analysis and user understanding
Research-based and KPI-focused product design and service design
Design strategies and strategic planning

You and your company

...need new methods and innovation skills to design successfully your products and services.

... prefer to find the most adequate and measurable design strategy, benefiting both you and your users and producing long-lasting positive effects, instead of implementing arbitrary features.

... need accurate knowledge about your users to deliver the right features and experiences, validate your designs, reduce risks and increase both market and user value.

... want to increase user engagement and user satisfaction in a sustainable way.

... require specialized and tailor-made services and advice, based on science and conducted in a sustainable and ethical manner, rather than mechanical gamification clichés.

... work with numerous user requirements as well as specialized product or service topics, and need to integrate them in a coherent and practical way.

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Avoid flawed functionality, arbitrary implementations or lack of user focus
Research-based and KPI-driven


UX Research

User knowledge, feasibility studies and validation procedures to make the right business decisions and demonstrate the potential success of your ideas.


Product design and service design framed at business strategy level and based on academic knowledge and industry best practices.

Design Services

Design of app functionality, user interactions, learning programs, analogue and digital games, as well as the strategies for their implementation.

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Design Thinking Workshops

Co-innovation Workshop

Expertise and solutions on product design, service design, digital transformation and gamification tailored as a TRAINING to empower participants to make decisions, acquire knowledge and skills, and see the impact of their efforts in their work.

Problem-solving methods

Say “No” to wrong design thinking executions and applications. Learn to do what experienced designers do: framing. Frame the problems you work on, your  design methods, and especially your work outputs to make them "fit" and ready to be shared with other (non-design) colleagues.

C-K Theory Workshop

The most sophisticated and valuable skills for the conceptualization and validation of products and services. Optimal for professionals integrating different subjects together, working with a lot of (complex) information and in need innovative implementations.

Sound and reliable top-quality UX research and research-based and KPI-focused product design and service design


Today´s convoluted challenges demand us to devise products and services in a smarter, agiler and more sustainable way: from a new paradigm perspective. business playgrounds contributes with the most innovative design methodologies and high ethical standards for the design of the best solutions for our society. The focus is always the users, but also the entire ecosystem in which products and services exist, to make sure everyone within the design ecosystem benefits, user needs are always met and the environment is respected.

For business playgrounds, it is a priority to act professionally, ethically and sustainably!

business playgrounds works in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Enrique Perez has worked in the fields of design and design research and has helped numerous companies and organizations design their identity, products, services and communication projects. Up to now, he has developed or collaborated in numerous projects, such as digital apps, a software-as-a-service platform, digital games, board games, toys, playful objects, art performances, gamified everyday-activities, interactive installations, a gamified theatre play with virtual reality, and even an amusement park attraction. He graduated with a BA in Communication Sciences, an MSc. in Art and Media Technology (Gothenburg University), an MSc. in Game Design (IT University of Copenhagen) and a PhD. magna cum laude about design methods and design methodologies with focus on the design of games (Bayreuth University).

bussiness playgrounds


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